Peter Pan

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Thomas B. Ramsden and Company is a family business that has a proud history stretching back over 120 years.  Originally founded in Bradford and Wakefield the company is now based in Guiseley on the north side of Leeds.
Our hand knitting design and yarn collections are manufactured using the finest fibres and materials and offer discerning knitters the widest choice of options, styles and colours available from any single company.  Our principal brands Wendy, Peter Pan, Twilleys of Stamford and Robin are well recognised and known around the world where they are synonymous with quality and value.
The Twilleys of Stamford design and yarn collection is at the forefront of modern elegant style while using the finest of pure natural fibres and materials in its yarns such as superfine Alpaca, and pure wool. Twilleys have a definite all-round craft leaning, with Freedom Wool being perfect for felting and Goldfingering being the quintessential embellishment yarn!
The Wendy collection appeals to all knitters who enjoy real fashion and style but appreciate outstanding value for money.  Our Wendy design collections allow knitters to choose from the latest fashion styles and timeless yarns through to simple elegant classic shapes in beautiful yarns that flatter and please the wearer.
The Peter Pan design and yarn collection is the epitome of stylish and fashionable hand knitting and crochet perfect for precious babies, toddlers and children.  The yarn range has an incredibly wide selection of perfect colours from the most delicate soft pastels through to bright, vibrant and fun special effect colours that really appeal to the fashion conscious youngsters.  Peter Pan only uses the finest quality fibre blends that are known for their softness, durability and also non-allergic properties.
The Robin collection of yarns offers knitters truly outstanding value at modest prices.  The Robin collection is the largest of its type offering more colours and options than any other competing brand. We only use the finest quality materials available be they wool (and we only use British Wool in our Robin yarns), Acrylic, nylon and polyester.  The Robin collection is simply the best by far economy yarn collection in the UK.
As the largest British manufacturer of hand knit yarns we take our responsibilities to quality extremely seriously.  All our yarns, whether spun in the UK or overseas, are rigorously tested and comply with the highest standards.  Virtually all our yarn has its final stage of manufacture in our own balling and finishing plant in Guiseley, West Yorkshire, where our technicians and operatives ensure it is of the highest standards.
At Thomas B Ramsden we take pride in offering our knitters long term support and advice; from helping a novice knitter through their first steps of understanding knitting patterns to finding an old favourite from our archives, we are here to help and assist.
We are proud of our Twilleys, Wendy, Peter Pan and Robin collections and hope you will enjoy them as well.