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Schachenmayr select
Schachenmayr select is the new global premium yarn brand. The launch of Schachenmayr select followed careful observation of our customers’ yarn and design preferences. Schachenmayr select takes the best of Gedifra, linking it with the heritage of the Schachenmayr brand name under one new premium brand – Schachenmayr select.
We are confident that the combination of high quality yarns, with designs taken from the latest European fashion trends, and worldwide recognition of the Schachenmayr brand, produces a strong and effective presence in the global hand knitting market. Designs from some of the world’s top knitwear designers have been selected for the first Schachenmayr select collection of hand knitting patterns. The global mix of inspiration takes current trends and creates a unique fashion program which will appeal to knitters in  every region of the world.

Schachenmayr original
The well-known Schachenmayr brand is characterized by a long and successful history.

Yarns were manufactured as early as 1817 by Johann Gottfried Kolb in a cluster of historic spinning mills, located on the river Fils near Salach, Germany. Shortly after production began, a cotton mill was added which was later converted into a wool spinning mill in 1822. To this day, this facility continues to be the hub for the development and marketing of all Schachenmayr knitting yarns.

In 1824, Leonhardt Schachenmayr joined the aspiring company after he married mister Kolb’s eldest daughter. His focus on innovative yarn technologies and high quality production standards shaped the company and led to the development of one of the first yarn brands in Europe during the Industrial Revolution. In 1871, the company name was changed to Schachenmayr, Mann & Cie; in 2009.

The Schachenmayr brand reflects the historical foundation of the company, yet continues to be forward thinking in product and design development. Today, the Schachenmayr brand is one of the leading producers and suppliers of knitting yarns. Held in high esteem by knitters all over the world, the Schachenmayr brand stands for quality, creative design and the celebration of the joy of knitting.

Schachenmayr Wash+Filz-it!
The Schachenmayr brand all around felting. Creative, trendy, full of ideas. The comprehensive product offer and innovative power in developing new materials build the highest competence for your felting creations.
Slippers and bags, accessories and more – simply Wash+Filz-it!
Knitting socks has always been a fun, practical form of creativity. Regia is the pioneer in sock yarn quality and color print innovations which have contributed to the popularity of sock knitting to this day. Most everyone – from movie stars to friends and coworkers - have caught the knitting bug and have found that knitting is just as relaxing as yoga or meditation. Sock knitting follows the same principles - with the advantage that when finished, you have a great looking, long wearing pair of wonderful socks! Hand knit Regia socks are a great gift for any age group or a special treat for the feet of knitters!

Regia, one of the most famous and popular of the handknitting yarn brands, has a long and successful presence in the handknitting market – celebrating it’s 60 year anniversary in 2009. The high quality standards that have made Regia the number one sock yarn in the world have been extended to a variety of weights of Regia yarn: Regia 6-ply is particularly wear-resistant, perfect for heavy duty winter wear; Regia 4-ply, the most popular weight has long been the favorite of knitters worldwide; Regia 3-ply is perfect for machine knitting or fine, delicate lacy sock patterns; and Regia 2-ply is ideal for reinforcing and mending hand and commercially knit garments.

Regia has been the industry leader in printed colors.  Its color pallette has been enriched by several different printed color effects. Knitters enjoy these prints and look forward to the surprises that the pattern makes while knitting. The challenge to the Regia design team is to create an even patterning effect, even when the stitch count changes from the calf to the foot of the sock. Beginning in 1985, with monochromatic tones of browns and blue in colors named "Sahara“ and "Tansania“, Regia’s design team continually challenged themselves to produce more color and pattern variations, including the wildly successful "Ringel“ circular printed knitting combinations in 1995. Beginning in 2008, a collaboration with master colorist Kaffe Fassett has resulted in four collections of exciting color patterns that have sock knitters clamoring for yarn.

Regia is the most well-known and popular sock knitting yarn in Germany and Europe, which continues to offer quality, innovation, endless color inspiration and creativity in every collection.